Mission Statement – Heathfield School and Day Nursery


Working together to be exceptional in all that we do every day.



Leading and learning together by:

  • Embracing every opportunity
  • Including everyone
  • Acknowledging the individual
  • Expecting the best
  • Celebrating success
  • Demonstrating respect and tolerance towards others
  • Upholding strong moral values



Our aims in support of this overall vision are:

1. Teaching and Learning

  • That exemplary teaching will support the needs of all
  • That all pupils achieve their potential
  • That learning is fun and engaging
  • That our pupils are supported in every step of their learning


2. Pastoral care

  • That pupils are nurtured and given the highest levels of care
  • That our pupils are treated as individuals
  • That the needs of pupils are fulfilled
  • That our pupils develop relationships within an atmosphere of tolerance and respect
  • That our pupils are treated as members of a school community


3. Parents

  • That our parents are treated as responsible partners in supporting pupils' learning
  • That our parents are sufficiently informed to act as critical friends in their child's learning and development


4. Extra-curricular

  • That value is attached to every achievement
  • That our pupils are given every opportunity to achieve beyond the classroom
  • That our pupils discover new ways in which to participate and to contribute to school life
  • That our extra and co-curricular activities are inclusive and offer challenge for all


5. Staff

  • That our staff are valued as members of a close-knit and hard-working community
  • That staff are challenged and supported in equal measure in our pursuit of excellence


6. General

  • That our pupils leave the school and to their post-16 destination first choice, as well-rounded, informed and balanced young adults
  • That we ensure our fees remain affordable, allowing access to a first rate education for all within the local area

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