Alumni Testimonials

"The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."
Thomas S. Monson (American Bishop, b.1927)

Take a moment to read some of the many testimonials written by past senior pupils. Their experiences will give you an insight into the community that is Heathfield School and Day Nursery. Read about the things that made their time at Heathfield special and their achievements after leaving.

Here are a few extracts:

"I started off ........ being a shy and introverted person but now, I have flourished into a confident and self-assured individual."

Heathfield Leavers 2016 - Download PDF

"I loved every second I spent here."

Heathfield Leavers 2015 - Download PDF

"Fundamentally, when choosing a school we wanted James and Katie to learn as much as they possibly could, whilst thoroughly enjoying school and making great friends."

Mrs Robinson - Download PDF

"I spent 13 years at Heathfield and it was a sad day when I left, because it wasn't that I was leaving a school, it was more like leaving a family."

Alex Martin - Download PDF

"Looking back, I realise that Heathfield fostered not only the academic but the social, physical and emotional skills that I employ day to day, that have helped me succeed throughout higher education and that, I feel, will not only allow me to prosper in my chosen career but in my life as a whole."

Daniel Cox - Download PDF

"The freedom to develop as an individual and have my personal talents nurtured and respected is a rare find in a schooling environment."

Freneka Mumford - Download PDF

"My years at Heathfield, were very happy ones, where I made many wonderful friends. It was a warm, fun education, for which I am extremely grateful, and I would never exchange the experience for the world!"

George Edward Parkes - Download PDF

"Heathfield helped me to realise my dreams simply by giving me such a great education."

Henry Morris - Download PDF

"From an early age at Heathfield School I felt secure, the teachers were very passionate, and full of energy, and have always encouraged me to do my best. The friends I made at the school still make a difference socially in my life."

Monty Gammond - Download PDF

" years at Heathfield were fantastic. It helped to me develop academically, with such small classes, it's easy to ask questions, and then you benefit from almost one-to-one teaching."

Oliver Timmis - Download PDF

"Heathfield taught me the recipe for the successes I have achieved: to get involved, explore new avenues, face challenges, work hard, but also to laugh."

Tom Penfold - Download PDF