Things we like to do

We thought you would like to read about some of the lovely things we do with our friends at the Day Nursery and Pre-School. We enjoy cooking, painting and even starring in our own colourful plays.

If the weather permits, we go on safari in the grounds of the school. We hunt for bugs and creepy crawlies, but we don't disturb them. In the spring and summer, we collect pretty flowers and leaves so that we can make collages and pictures.

At the Teddy Bears Picnic, we have a fantastic time taking part in running races, beanbag races and space hopper races.

When we play outside, we can use all the play equipment and pretend we are on a ship or driving a car. The climbing frame and slide is one of our favourites. We like to put on our aprons and paint brightly coloured pictures; we can take them home when they are finished. In the nursery, we have lots of toys and games; we share them with each other and have lots of fun playing together.

We even have real music lessons with a specialist music teacher. We have great fun. We sing,play instruments and make a wonderful sound.

We have rest times during the day so that we can have a nap or listen to a story. The boys and girls in the pre-school sometimes go on supervised trips on the school bus. We went to the Wyre Forest when we were learning about water and found lots, including some falling from the sky. The pond dipping was very exciting and we even found a newt. On another outing, we went to the theatre at Telford and then had lots of fun playing in the park afterwards

Meeting animals is the best thing ever. We had a wonderful time on a visit to the petting farm. We fed the calves, the lambs and the goats, got up close to the ducklings and chicks and had a fantastic time exploring the play area. The weather was wonderful and we cooled off with iced lollies.

We are sure your son or daughter would have a terrific time with us playing with all the toys and making lots of new friends.

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