Boys Uniform up to Year 6

Beau Brummel Blazer Navy Style "Commodore" in Barathea. Alternative style "Viscount" in polyester.
Shirt Grey Trutex Polycotton. (A short-sleeved shirt of the same type and colour may be worn when the weather is warm.)
Trousers Mid-grey Trutex style 730, 790 or 220. (Short trousers, mid-grey, Trutex style 220 or David Luke style 946 may be worn when the weather is warm.)
Pullover Grey V-neck by Rowlinson or Charles Kirk
Socks Mid-grey Plain
Shoes Black Plain. Velcro fastening is permitted.
Plain out-door coat Navy Plain navy anorak or fleece permitted (must be longer than blazer length.)
Gloves Navy For Winter
Blazer badge Available from Matron.
Junior School tie Available from Matron.
School cap Navy blue Available from Matron. (Obligatory – no other headwear may be worn.)
Heathfield Scarf (optional) Available from Matron (No other scarves may be worn).
Summer Term (or whenever the weather is warm enough)
Blazer as above
Sandals Navy blue Sandals may be worn. (Open toes are not permitted)
Games Uniform
Tracksuit Navy Available with the Heathfield crest.
Polo shirt White Available with the Heathfield crest.
Trainers Predominately White With Velcro fastening. (Please ensure that these are sports trainers with good grips and foot support. Fashion trainers are not suitable.)
Gym shorts White
Short socks White
Baseball cap Navy For sport in summer – Available from Matron with the Heathfield crest.
Swimming trunks Navy blue
Swimming cap Blue
T Shirt House Colours Available from Matron
In addition the following are required for Forms J3 and above.
Autumn and Spring Terms
Football / Rugby Shirt Available from Matron.
Football socks Navy Blue Knee length.
Football / Rugby Shorts Dark blue Cotton.
Football boots Black
Gum shields for Rugby and Football Available from Matron.
Shin Pads For football
Summer Term
Cricket sweater White Edged with Heathfield school colours –available from Matron.
Cricket shirt White A white polo shirt is acceptable for lessons but not for matches.
Cricket trousers White Inexpensive polyester type is acceptable.

Blazer and school cap/hat (not baseball cap) should be worn for arriving and leaving school.

For uniform for boys in years 7 and 8 please click here

HAIR - Hair should be worn neat and tidy and should not be worn over the collar.


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