Lower/Middle School Music and Drama

Music in all its forms plays a big part in school life. There are several school choirs. Singing lessons are available at the school to improve technique or just to develop a liking and appreciation of song. Lower and Middle school pupils can join the school orchestra and learn to play a range of musical instruments. Peripatetic staff visit Heathfield to instruct the children in all sorts of instruments from drums to clarinet. The music department enthusiastically encourages boys and girls to perform in smaller groups. Singers, instrumentalists and rock groups regularly perform to entertain the school and parents at morning assemblies or informal concerts.

The Drama studio, with its mirrored walls, can be transformed into anything imagination, a lick of paint and dramatic light can make it; from a Mediterranean island for Twelfth Night to the charming Christmas plays performed by the pre-school. Pupils of all ages can participate in many of the school productions. There is at least one major production a year in which pupils perform to packed audiences of parents and friends.

Your children can discover hidden talents, develop artistic skills, improve confidence or simply learn to appreciate creative skill and imagination.

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