Heathfield Lower/Middle School – Pastoral Care

We want your child to feel safe and happy at Heathfield School, which is why pastoral care is so important and has consistently been seen as a very strong feature of the school. We encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect so that every child is conscious, not only of his or her own needs, but those of other people.

Because Heathfield has such small class sizes, every child is well known to members of staff. Teachers are sensitive to small differences in behaviour, which may indicate that a child is unhappy or anxious. All staff at Heathfield, teaching and non-teaching, make themselves accessible so that your child will be able to share any worry or concern, no matter how small.

We work in partnership with parents, to provide the necessary support to ensure that your child's time at Heathfield School is a happy and, as far as possible, carefree experience.

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