Heathfield Lower/Middle School

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Heathfield Lower School welcomes children into Reception at rising five. In Year 5 children progress into Middle School where they stay until the end of Year 8. This is where pupils learn to integrate into the school community and understand the benefits derived from an industrious work ethic.

Heathfield is an independent school with small classes. Teachers and support staff soon get to know every child really well; their strengths, expectations, ambitions, even their favourite lunch.

Pupils will embark on an educational journey to develop their literacy, numeracy and social skills. The syllabus includes the sciences, languages and the arts. Your sons and daughters will study a rich and varied curriculum to excite and stimulate their thinking and awaken their curiosity. Exercising the body is an important part of the school day. Heathfield's sport facilities enable boys and girls to achieve recognition on the field allowing them to excel either as an individual or as a member of a team. By the time your child enters the Upper School, they will be accomplished individuals ready to advance their academic studies, their prowess on the sport's field and their appreciation of Art, Music and Drama.

We want your child to be happy and to do his or her very best because we care about each and every pupil in the school. Your son or daughter is important to the Heathfield community and the Heathfield community is invaluable to the individual child. Their future development is of paramount importance and their continuation within the Heathfield community will give them the best opportunity to flourish.

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