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President Trump - The Man for the Job?

President Trump -The Man for the Job?


Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate for the November 2016 US Presidential elections. But would he make a good President? Is he the man for the job?


Trump feels very strongly about immigration and has a variety of different policies on how to deal with it. To stop Mexicans illegally entering the US he believes that a large wall should be built along the Mexican - US border, a wall paid for by the Mexican Government. Quite why he thinks the Mexican government would pay for this, or how he might force them to build it, we’re not sure. He also believes that the authorities can do a lot more to curb immigration. For example, he believes that the USCIS should require full proof that any applicant for US residency can provide their own health care and housing without having to rely on the Welfare State. He also wants to end the Catch and Release Strategy in which illegal immigrants are detained and then released, Trump argues that they should be detained until they are deported back to their country. Is it hypocritical, then, that two of Trumps three wives were not US born? In addition, Trump Tower was built largely by immigrant labourers, many of whom were illegals and some of whom did not receive full pay. Trump’s response to this is to shrug nonchalantly and say “It worked out well. Everyone was happy.” (Except, perhaps, the American unionised workers who couldn’t get jobs.) But is this an appropriate response from a man who now wants to stop illegal immigration and attributes “great amounts” of crime to illegal immigrants? It seems that he’s all in favour of illegal immigrants when they are of use to him. Now he is using them as a political, rather than economic, tool.


Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to own a gun. Or does it? The Second Amendment provides for “A well-regulated Militia” to defend the “security of a free State.” We think that this refers to the armed services rather than any random who thinks they might need to shoot someone. Trump, however, defends the right to bear arms throughout all 50 states. Mass shootings? He thinks more guns would stop them. He calls them a mental health issue. So, nothing to do with how easy it is to get hold of guns in the US.
He does want all of the regulations that are already in place to be reinforced a lot more strongly. He also wants the government to have no say in what kind of guns or magazines a person can buy. A sub-machine gun is, of course, necessary for everyday life.
Trump does, however, want there to be a lot more background checks on people and for states to record a lot more of the mental health problems and criminal records for these checks.
Trump wants to repeal the ban on firearms at military bases. The soldiers are trained with firearms but policies aren’t letting them carry them around their own bases. Maybe there he has a point.


Trump wants to try to repeal the Obamacare programme now in place in America. He says he wants to replace it with “something terrific.” But he is a little vague about exactly what this will be. He says that no one should be forced to pay for their own health insurance, but is completely opposed to any sort of UK - style National Health Service. He wants to grow the economy and produce more jobs to stop the large need of Medicaid. Great, if he can grow the economy.

He disagrees with abortion. He says he is “pro-life” even if the child would have to suffer poverty and malnourishment. He said, “Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best”. This stance has changed since his 1999 statement that “I believe it is a personal decision… best left to the women and their doctors.” Is his change of view part of his well-documented sexist attitude to women? Or an acknowledgment that it is political suicide in the US to publicly support a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body?


Trump believes that nobody should have to pay death tax. He also believes that in order to reach the “American Dream” income tax should be reduced for the middle class and scrapped altogether for low earners. Corporate taxes will be capped at 15% to stop businesses moving abroad, keeping jobs in America. This will certainly improve the finances of individual American households, but will it help reduce the national debts and deficits? Only time will tell.


People's Opinion

The opinion that US citizens have of Donald Trump is greatly divided. Many Republican Party voters seem keen on him and it seems he is most likely the candidate that the Republicans will send to Washington in November.

We spoke to two US citizens who gave us their opinions on Trump. One, Janet from Delaware, said of him “He is pathetic, childish, petulant and a major source of embarrassment. Also slimy, smarmy, and makes me feel like I need a bath after listening to him!” The other, Ian from Pennsylvania, said that he disagreed with “his outspoken comments, whether against Muslims or other immigrants, against women in power, in politics or business, or against some of his competitors.” Both agree that Hillary Clinton would make a better President than Trump, supporting the view of political pundits who say that the nomination of Trump for the Republicans would simply result in another eight years of Clintons in the White House.

Support for Trump, however, is rife: one important figure backing him is Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, who said of him “Are you ready for the leader to make America great again? Are you ready to stump for Trump? I'm here to support the next President of the United States - Donald Trump.”

In November, Trump could be fighting not for candidacy but for Presidency. So if the Electoral College vote in favour of Trump, the question is what does that mean for the US and how will the world respond to this controversial figure?

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