Heathfield Upper School

Heathfield Upper School is for young people aged between 13 and 16 years old. The majority of pupils have progressed through the school, some started as babies and infants in the Day Nursery. Heathfield School warmly welcomes new pupils who quickly integrate into the school community and make friends.

When your son or daughter embarks on their senior school career, we believe that you, like us, have high aspirations. You want your child to be happy and to achieve the best they can; to have as many opportunities as possible and to move on to further education as confident, fulfilled individuals. Over many years, working with the support of parents, we have seen children who joined us, leave as young adults of whom we are all very proud.

We have high but realistic academic expectations for your son or daughter and Heathfield Upper School pupils regularly achieve outstanding GCSE grades. The senior school curriculum is full of challenges and opportunities to excel. The school environment is exciting and dynamic where the visual and performing arts are developed, sporting prowess is encouraged and academic achievement is nurtured.

Yet there is more to success than scholastic, sporting or creative achievement. The upper school pupils at Heathfield are role models for younger children and are expected to set a positive example when they are in school and when they are representing the school in the wider community.

The ethos of Heathfield School and Day Nursery is simple. Together, the staff and pupils promote the principles of a happy, industrious and thriving community from where your child will approach adulthood as a confident, articulate and courteous individual. So, what sort of person does Heathfield help produce? Well, quite frankly – all sorts. They are unique individuals confident to take their place in the world. Perhaps going on to top universities with a clutch of exceptional GCSE results, sporting professionals running their own businesses, people who travel extensively, sometimes inspired by the many school trips, people with the confidence to be who they want to be and with the tools to realise their individual ambitions.

Perhaps you would like to read some of the comments from past senior pupils posted on the Alumni Testimonials page.

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